This is the official online store for Texas Hog Hunters Association merchandise. We are a grass roots organization so all proceeds go directly back into THHA which funds our future growth.


This is how we let folks know who we are, what we do and what we represent.


We have different decals and styles along the way, but if it's not quality it doesn't get our logo.

Donate Today.

Donate to THHA

We have been asked to provide a way for people to donate to Texas Hog Hunters Association.

Some are not interested in membership but do feel compelled to help and show their support in some way, we appreciate anything you feel like sharing. 

Donated funds can be used to support expenses associated with things like our fight against the Warfarin based pesticide that is trying to be used to combat feral hogs. We stand with a NO POISON stance period..

Travel and other accrued expenses for projects and assisting the association as a whole in our growth.

Thanks to everyone for their continued support of Texas Hog Hunters Association.